1. "Rock"
  2. "Bear"
    Tattoo Savant Co-Founder
  3. Aaron
    Tattoo Artist 3D Animator/Special Effects

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     The legend of Rock in the tattoo industry started about 15 years ago in Deltona, Fl, and is growing even today.  As the founder of Rock Irons, his mastery of building and designing tattoo machines is well known in the Louisiana area.  Rock has dedicated a large part of his life to teaching and mentoring many apprentices.  As the founder of ScaredyTatts, Rock has had the opportuntity to tattoo in different countries, conventions, and open over eight shops over the last ten years.  With all of his professional achievements, he prides himself as a faith-based family man.  Rock has two beautiful daughters, and a wonderful son. 
He is well known for his Youtube Channel: RockChristianSmith, This channel is designed to remind people of God's favor in our lives and how much he loves us. 

Link to RockChristianSmith
YouTube Channel


      Bear's fascination of the tattoo buisiness began at age 5, standing alongside his father "Rock" at the conception of Scaredytatts in 2003. Bear aquired his body Art license at just 15 years of age and has already gained the support and admiration in the tattoo community from his freinds, teachers and clientel.  Bear has been asked to be in a tattoo magazine at age 18. He is well known in the Shreveport/Bossier Metro for his Black and Grey scale and his extreme focus on detail. Bear is a true artist and has dedicated his life to custom freehand art.  Don't be fooled by his age, he is a product of the Old School.  His old soul really manifests itself when he's is consulting with his customers about every detail.  A modern day tattoo savant. If you are looking for a complete custom idea straight from his mind to your skin, than this is your man.....Bear can be quickly reached on instagram here

Bear's Instagram Page


      Aaron has been tattooing for 7 years and specializes in neotraditional tattoos but has a wide range of ability to suit any tastes.  Aaron has a passion for doing videogame and sci-fi related tattoos, especially colorful pieces.  When Aaron is not tattooing he also does 3D animation and freelance visual effect work for film and video, as well as his own YouTube channel.  He also makes short films with Studio Highland in Shreveport.

Aaron's Instagram Page 
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